15 May 2016

Wrapping Things Up

It's been over six months since I gave any attention to this blog, although an email reminder that the domain name renewal was due has prompted me to log on and make this final post.

The initial idea behind starting Stories From The Sky back in January 2011 was to document the completion of my flight training and the transition into the 'real world' of commercial work within general aviation. 256 posts later, I think I've reached a point where I no longer have enough fresh content to warrant keeping the site active and have made the decision to tie things up where they are, leaving the blog available to search and read in archived mode.

2015 was quite a turning point for me, with a delayed transition from survey flying to scheduled operations. The new PA31 job was great while it lasted, but only ended up being a short lived venture due to the company's financial state which unfortunately resulted in them shutting up shop in November.

The positive that came out of that situation was that it allowed me to realise there is more to life than just aviation. Running my own business on the side and having control over when and where I took time off from it were both particularly rewarding aspects to this. However being stuck on the ground was never for me and I was fortunate enough to be offered positions on ground courses for two large turboprop aircraft before the new year arrived.

Fast forward a couple of months of flying a desk at the offices of a well known Auckland based airline, then a type rating in a full motion simulator over in Melbourne, I am now settling back into a scheduled flying job once again. The aircraft type that I am on now is by far the quickest and most complex I have flown to date and definitely marks the beginning of a new chapter in my aviation adventure. That being said, the professional environment of airline operations is distinctly different to that of GA and doesn't translate to the public discussion format of this blog.

All I can think to say now is a big thanks to those of you who have taken the time to stop and browse here over the last couple of years- I hope the content that was put up was found interesting or helpful in some way to the student pilot crowd.

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