29 October 2015


Another cross country trip that I was fortunate enough to be involved in recently was the ferry flight of ZK-DAK back from her annual winter maintenance visit, from Palmerston North up to Ardmore. This was my first flight on the DC3 since I had finished my type rating, after several scenic and charter opportunities that I had been rostered to fly were cancelled due wx.

I'd pax'ed down to NZPM with the Captain on Air NZ earlier in the morning, filled the mains with avgas and started her up just after lunchtime. Wind gusts of 39 knots were reported on the ATIS, so I was more than happy to let the much more experienced pilot in the left seat get her off the ground before being handing over control for the remainder of the flight.

We were able to zip up to 9500 feet controlled VFR for the stretch home, with the snowy summit of Mount Ruapehu only partially revealing itself from the surrounding banks of CU on our way north.

Auckland's ATIS was playing OVC by the time we were in close enough range to pick up the frequency, so we ducked down through some scattered layers to pop out under the base just south of Raglan, and continue the remainder of the flight low level back into NZAR.

A few currency circuits later, DAK was parked up once again next to the UNICOM tower at Ardmore ready for a busy summer of flying.

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