05 August 2015

Graphical SIGMET

As of 29th July, MetFlight users will now see Graphical SIGMET diagrams when loading up a weather briefing for the NZZO and NZZC flight information regions.

This is an excellent move by the provider, replacing the confusing paragraphs full of coordinates that took place of the plain English SIGMET descriptions back in November 2013. Skyvector.com was a go to place for many of us, as the website coding overlays these latitudes and longitudes onto the VFR and IFR sectional charts without requiring a log in- however having it all in one place by one provider is far more convenient and informative to the layman!

An example of today's weather is shown below as an example:

Further information about the new product can be found here:

It should also be noted that MetFlight GA access has once again been made free of charge to use, four years after the CAA controversially changed it in August 2011 to a pay to access service. To log in, use your pilots licence number in the Username box, and the initial issue date for the Password. (This is to entered d/mm/yyyy format, with no leading zero on the day but with a leading zero on the month.)

New Excel Logbook Product

Recently I was sent a sample of the CAA New Zealand Pilot Logbook product from www.excelpilotlogbook.com which I'm happy to report is now my go to digital backup of my paper book.

When I began flight training I originally designed my own spreadsheet to keep a digital copy of my flight hours, that I ended up uploading a blank template of to the blog for others to use. However, the commerical product that I've copied all my data into far supersedes this with plenty of customisable total tabs, IFR currency and duty hour countdowns, graphical analysis of the last month's flying, as well as individual aircraft totals, and behind the scene formulas that calculate the amount of take off and landings you have made in each type within the last 90 days for legality sake. 

A one time payment of $29 US will get you your own copy, compatible with desktop Microsoft Excel, the Excel App, as well as Numbers on Mac & iOS. Download it from: http://excelpilotlogbook.com/caa-new-zealand/