29 October 2014

Singapore A380

Singapore Airlines have started operating their Airbus A380 equiptment on the SQ285  SIN-AKL route as of yesterday. The airframe used on the inaugural flight was 9V-SKB, one of the oldest in service being the 5th A380 off the Airbus production line delivered in 2008. All things going to plan, I'll be able to book myself a staff travel airfare through the family on the return SQ286 route for a planned holiday to the Northern Hemisphere next year, thanks to the codeshare agreement with Air New Zealand.

Further photographs and more comprehensive information on the new flight schedule can be found over at MRC Aviation. Below are a couple extra photos of aircraft at NZAA that were going about buisness just before the superjumbo landed late morning.

One of two remaining F27 Friendships
Sharklet configured ZK-OXF, delivered on July 25th 2014
VH-VGA, hopping between domestic and international ops
ZK-NCJ unusually parked at a domestic gate

12 October 2014

VFR to Tauranga

Like many others, I'd made a promise to a family friend that I'd take him up for a flight one day so he could get an understanding for the reason I always babel on about aviation and flying. Plan A was to fly him and his son down from Ardmore to the grandparents in Whakatane, but 40 knots of wind at 2000 feet last Saturday led to me delaying the flight untill yesterday, when conditions were much more favourable for the first time flyers in the back seat.

I'd hired the same trusty C172 that I'd been using to build my night flying hours in, and enjoyed a change of pace from my recent flying, low and slow VFR down to Tauranga (where granddad was waiting) and back, with a headwind of 20 knots on the way, and a matching tailwind on the reverse leg. Skies were mostly clear, and we dropped down to 1000 feet AGL where we could for the passengers to check out the scenery. Accompanying kid 1 in the back was his friend, who had come along for a surprise birthday treat. Everyone enjoyed themselves, no one chundered from the occasional bump (bonus) and even though I was about five days away from becoming uncurrent in the one-seventy-twice, I managed to pull off relatively smooth landings and keep the ball in the centre for the most part!

Below are some snap from my front seat passenger, pinched from his facebook. Cheers Rik!

Ardmore Airshow, 23rd November

More information on the NZ Warbirds facebook event page.