30 October 2013

Life on the Flipside

Earlier in the year, I had helped my boss at Skydive Ballistic Blondes write a company proposal for the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards. There were several category for which local companies could enter themselves under- one of which was the ACC Workplace Safety Award which we were stoked to hear we had won at the award ceremony last Friday night!

Here's what the official press release said about us:

Kelly and her team impressed the judges with their ongoing commitment to health and safety, particularly in looking after the welfare of what is sometimes a transient workforce. They celebrate success as a team that is seen as a close - knit family and have had no major incidents since their inception in 2005. St aff are given ambitious training plans to take them to increased levels of competency e.g. that of instructor, and this is given through different methods of training, including CAA safety days and risk - based scenarios for pilot training. Skydive’s commitment to their customer’s safety was also evident from the strict selection criteria adhered to for ‘less fit’ clients. Well done Skydive. Keep up the great work and we wish you well for future years. The judges recognise you have been proactive towards health and safety and congratulate you on the work you have done. This includes the investment you are putting into your staff with regard to training and taking them to higher levels of responsibility. You allow your workers to attend voluntary CAA safe ty days and continually look at ways of improving your knowledge. We are impressed how you celebrate success in your business and involve everyone in what appears to be a ‘close - knit’ family.
Anyhow, as a thank you, I was given a special tandem skydive experience by the team, and got to jump out the C182 I usually fly and freefall in formation with five of my workmates on the Monday of Labour Weekend just gone.

It was fantastic to experience the adrenaline pumping rush that the guys I've seen jumping out my plane door hundreds of times before have, and I now fully understand why they keep coming back and spend all thier money doing it over and over! It's one of those activities that no amount of words on a computer screen will ever do justice too, so thankfully the skydivers put together this special video for me to document the day: