11 September 2013

Wild WX

The South Island got a battering from mother nature yesterday, with a low pressure system in the Southern Ocean creating some of the strongest winds I've yet to observe on the MetFlight weather charts.

The upper winds were up to 90 knots at 10,000ft over much of the bottom end of the country, with gale force strength (34–40 knots) at ground level in Dunedin causing a Jetstar A320 missed approach and diversion to Auckland, a Virgin Australia 737 diversion to Christchurch, plus seven other arrivals as well as eight departures cancelled.

High winds rolled a truck just north of Dunedin © George Heard

04 September 2013

Free September Issue

The editor at the NZ Aviation News kindly chose one of my photographs to be placed on the front cover of this month's issue to accompany the article I wrote about the SOFIA 747's visit to our country this winter.

As a one off special, you can actually download this month's digital edition of the magazine from the NZ Aviation News website for free, using the discount code 'SEPTGIVEAWAY' which is valid until the 25th September. The magazine usually retails for  $6.00 in book stores, or $3.50 online, so go grab it from this link whilst you still can. My piece of writing can be found on page 12!