21 November 2012

Missed the Mozzie?

There are unconfirmed reports that Jerry Yagen's ZK-MOS de Havilland Mosquito will be making another unexpected flying display at the next Ardmore open day on December 9th.

I really hope to make it this time as I missed the previous airshow due to work commitments in Taranaki. However, due to my tandem master disappearing over to the World Parachuting Championships in Dubai, I have a few weeks break back in Auckland which coincide with the above date!

13 November 2012

Pax Rides

Whilst down at New Plymouth, I've managed to swindle myself a few blog-worthy flights as a passenger that I may as well mention.

Firstly, I sat in the back of a freshly imported Cessna 206T, ZK-TBO that was reconstructed by the guys at Taranaki Flight Tech after arriving at NZNP in a shipping container during September. A local businessman who is currently training for his PPL with the Aero Club has bought it for private use, and there is talk of potential type ratings for other interested pilots at the field.

Below is a video going for a quick jaunt over the centre of New Plymouth, whizzing along above the main street at 140 knots. 

I also went for a spin with another mate from the Aero Club who was practising for his C Cat instructor rating in ZK-NPL, a 152 Aerobat. It was the first time I'd flown in a 152 since I went for my very first intro flight as a 12 year old in the UK, and it was just good to go for a blat in something other than a 172 for once.

Thirdly, on one of my weekly trips home to visit the girlfriend on board an Air New Zealand Q300, I recognised the first officer as an ex Ardmore Flying School instructor and scored myself a jumpseat ride back to Auckland in the cockpit. He gave me a lot of useful tips regarding progressing with my career as we skimmed the cloud tops and then descended into NZAA just after sunset. It was pretty sweet to see the international airport all lit up from the windows at the pointy end for once, but my iPhone camera wouldn't have done it justice. The only snap I got was early on in the cruise and came out a little blurry:

And finally, just last week, I sat in the back of Air New Plymouth's Partenavia P68B, ZK-ZSP with the same guy who took me up in the 152. He is now training for his MEIR and I followed along on my iPad whilst he flew an arc, several holds and a VOR/DME approach for runway 05 at New Plymouth. It's been a whilse since I've done any IF, so it was good to get my head back in the game and pretend I was a VIP on a private charter flight for a while on a morning off from parachute dropping.