15 October 2012

More Videos

Here are two new vimeo videos from the 'Naki. 

The first is a GoPro recording of an entire drop flight, although sped up at 8x speed so you don't have to sit through 30 minutes worth of semi tedious sound trackless-footage. I'm too chicken to attach the camera to the outside of the airframe yet, but I've seen friends do it on other C172's, cable tieing the case to the strut tiedown point just in case the mount looses suction... another day perhaps!

The second is another collaboration of clips of our tandem passengers and AFF students falling through the sky, put together by our marketing manager. Spot the witty pun in the title!

01 October 2012

Did someone say Mosquito?

The blogasphere has been a buzz over the last four days with the news that KA114, a de Havilland Mosquito out of Ardmore, made its maiden flight since undergoing extensive restoration with AvSpecs. This was special for a couple of reasons- it is now the worlds sole airworth example of the type, but sadly for us kiwis, it will soon be crated up to be sent off shore to Jerry Yagen's Fighter Factory Collection in the USA.

I didn't get a chance to see it with my own eyes, although my old man managed to capture it on his cellphone camera when it stopped into Air NZ tech ops base at Auckland International Airport on the afternoon of the 27th. The sound of the twin Merlin V12 engines is really something to behold, and it's well worth cranking up the speakers on your computer before hitting the play button below. Even at low RPM, these engines sound incredible!

Saturday the 29th saw a commemorative airshow held in the Mosquito's honor at NZAR (as previously mentioned here), with KA114 obviously stealing the limelight. I was busy flying parachutists down in New Plymouth that day, but there are already a great wealth of photos from the event uploaded online. Of note are Gavin Conroy's collection here, the NZFF.org contribution here, and several pages worth on the Wings over Cambridge forum here. This was to be the only public display of ZK-MOS in NZ, so even TV1 news go amongst it to document the day here.

All was not lost for me however, as two New Plymouth based jets that took part in the Ardmore display made a spontaneous beat up over the dropzone when they returned to Taranaki on the following Sunday afternoon. Brett Emeny in Vampire ZK-RVM and Peter Vause in Albatross ZK-VLK made three low level high speed passes over the airfield- much faster than they'd flown over the crowd at Ardmore due to the fact they didn't have to be matching the previously mentioned propeller aircraft's speed! It was magic!