28 September 2012

Skydiving, A Pilot's Perspective

After a full on week of really decent flyable weather, I've had a day back on the ground, which has given me time to throw together a little compilation video of my 'cockpit cam' recordings in movie maker.


The highlight from last weekend, although not featured in the vid, was the other company pilot bringing our C182 down from Whangarei to cope with the extra demand. This was so that on Saturday arvo, I was able to ferry the boss back to NZWR for his kid's birthday party in the 172, and return again on the Sunday morning. I havn't done much cross country flying for a while, so it was a pleasant way to accumulate 4 hours for my logbook.

I also unexpectedly tabbed up 1.3 hours in ZK-CIT, the Ardmore based Citabria on Tuesday. This was due to urgently needing to return to NZNP for work after visiting the girlfriend on Monday night, but being bumped off the commercial flight from Auckland due to it being overweight. An expensive journey for sure, but much more enjoyable flying myself than sitting in the pax seat of a Q300!

15 September 2012

Naki Collage

It's the end of my fourth week here in the Naki, and due to windy pre frontal weather today, I'm on the ground and have time to share a quick collage of some of my GoPro shots taken whilst parachute dropping over New Plymouth. There is much more to follow, along with a fair amount of HD footage that needs to be sorted through and edited down once I have access to a higher spec computer!

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06 September 2012

New Plymouth Highlights

We've had a good run of flyable weather and a large amount of happy customers during our first two weeks operating out of NZNP. I've already got tons of cockpit camera footage and GoPro snaps mounting up on my harddrive, but haven't had a chance to sort through them properly as we've been so busy flying!

For now, here's an awesome 3 a half minute mash up of various footage thar our marketing manager has put together which will give you a good taste of what life in the 'Naki is like: