30 November 2011

Dreamliner in Auckland: Photos

When N787BA visited Auckland a few weeks back, Air New Zealand allocated a few hours to its employees for an exclusive walk over of the airframe whilst it was parked up outside their maintenance hangers. The photos below are supplied courtersy of Alex Upperton, one of those fortunate enough to have a look around the futeristic airliner, and far supecede the low res. iPhone snaps I took from the fenceline:

09 November 2011

Dreamliner Visit Deets

Air New Zealand issued the following press release yesterday relating to Saturday 12th:
"Air New Zealand’s Chief Pilot Captain David Morgan will be onboard the 787-8 test aircraft, joining more than 30 Boeing staff testing the aircraft’s performance as it makes its journey non-stop from Seattle’s Boeing Field Airport.
Air New Zealand is hosting the aircraft at its engineering base at Auckland Airport for two days.
The aircraft’s flight path over Auckland will depend on weather and wind conditions on the day but its arrival at Auckland Airport is expected at approximately 10am.

Expected flight path if landing on runway 23L to the southwest:

The aircraft will approach Auckland from the northeast over Browns Bay at approximately 9.50am before tracking to Whenuapai then turning left to fly at lower altitude over the harbour bridge and past the eastern beaches before turning right for a normal approach over Manukau City to Auckland International Airport.

Expected flight path if landing on runway 05R to the northeast:

The aircraft will approach Auckland from the northeast between Waiheke Island and Motutapu Island at approximately 9.50am, turn right over Browns Island and fly at lower altitude down the harbour over the harbour bridge towards Te Atatu before turning left for a normal approach over the Manukau Heads towards Auckland International Airport.
For those wanting to see the aircraft leave for Sydney on Tuesday 15 November, the aircraft has a planned departure time of 10am that day.

The 787 aircraft coming to Auckland is the first test aircraft produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and the cabin interior is fitted only with test equipment.

Branded the "Dreamliner" by Boeing, the structure of the 787 aircraft makes significant use of lightweight high-tech composite materials to deliver operating efficiencies and customer comfort, including higher humidity levels and a more comfortable, lower cabin altitude.

04 November 2011

Articles & Birthday

Just a very quick update to note that my second Mountain Flying article is now published and out in stores in November's NZ Aviation News (Can now be read online here). I've also recently heard back from the editor on a Flight Simulation article I've written that will be printed in the bumper December/January issue. Watch this space!

Although not strictly aviation related, but still a 'Story from the Sky': I was fortunate enough to compleate the Auckland Skytower Skywalk and 2 Skyjumps from the 630 foot high walkway of the Southern Hemispheres tallest building as a 22nd birthday gift from my girlfriend. Here's proof:

Whilst up there, I was looking down at C130's landing into Whenuapai and choppers on approach and departure from Mechanics Bay. Bizarre- and one of the most awesome adrenaline filled days of my life thus far!